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Enhanced Pet Wellness Through Excellent Dental Care

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A Two-Fold Approach

It is incredible when a pet has a clean mouth, sparkling teeth, and healthy gums!

Because of the impact that dental health has on the whole body, it’s essential to promote regular at-home brushing and routine professional cleanings. Infections that start in the mouth can travel through the blood and negatively affect vital organs. Not only will pairing professional dental cleanings with at-home care encourage fresh breath, but it can also increase a pet’s lifespan.

Prevention Matters

Responsible pet ownership involves taking extra good care of a pet’s teeth and gums. When teeth brushing or professional cleanings are relegated to the back burner, dental disease can rapidly develop. Oral bacteria can lead to plaque and tartar. Often, the first sign is foul breath. If allowed to persist without treatment or medical intervention, the bacteria that cause doggy or kitty breath can eventually lead to lost or broken teeth as gum tissue recedes. Dental disease is also associated with other serious health conditions, including heart disease and kidney disease.

Fortunately, dental disease is 100% preventable. When you prioritize prevention, pets can enjoy longer, healthier lives.

Wellness Exams

When we examine your pet at their annual wellness exam, we take careful notice of the condition of their teeth and gums.

Puppies and kittens are in a great place developmentally to learn to accept a specially-designed pet toothbrush in their mouths, and some actually enjoy the flavor of pet toothpaste! The point is, the earlier you start pet dental care, the better off they are as they age. However, pets of any lifestage can benefit from the careful approach to preventing dental disease.

We are always happy to offer tips on daily brushing, and may also recommend various supplemental products designed to counter effects of oral bacteria, including water additives, dental chews, and prescription diets. Staying in front of the proliferation of oral bacteria can save pets from a great deal of pain, discomfort, and other related issues.

Acting Quickly

We address any evidence of tartar build up promptly at your pet’s wellness exam.

Their dental assessment may lead to a full dental procedure under anesthesia. This is the safest way to address any issues in a pet’s mouth. Since the full extent of periodontal (gum) disease is beneath the gum line, we can only make a determination of possible damage when a pet is anesthetized.

Cleaning and scaling the teeth during their procedure can prevent further damage. If extractions are needed, we will safely remove them during the procedure.

Dental Cleanings and Extractions

We rely on blood work prior to anesthesia to understand the abilities of a pet’s kidneys and liver to tolerate the anesthetic. We follow every safety protocol while a pet is under anesthesia. Learn more about our approach to veterinary surgery. Because of the careful attention to a pet’s well-being in our care, they are able to safely return the same day of their dental procedure.

Good Shape

We encourage all pet owners to take special care in addressing their pet’s dental health. We can help you determine the state of your pet’s teeth and gums and make recommendations to influence long-term wellness.

Together, Animal Ark of Arcadia and pet owners can keep pets on the road to lifelong health and wellness. Please call us at (863) 494–2101 to schedule an appointment today.

You can also learn more about our veterinary services for more information, or visit our wellness & preventive care or surgery pages.