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Animal Ark of Arcadia Animal Ark of Arcadia

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109 S Desoto Ave, Arcadia, FL

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Veterinary Services in Arcadia, Florida

Veterinary Services in Arcadia, Florida

Preventive Wellness for cats and dogs is priority number one for Animal Ark of Arcadia. Because each life stage is different, and has its own set of nutritional and lifestyle requirements, we are proud to offer a variety of veterinary services.

A blue-eyed cat

Highly customized care for each unique pet

Each unique pet benefits from a highly-customized approach to their wellness. As such, we work towards providing a high quality of life for as long as possible. With their longevity in mind, we provide the following services:

Core Values:

Our veterinary services are intended to
meet your pet where they are.

Whether you have a kitten or puppy, a golden oldie, or a pet somewhere in the middle, we apply the same core values:

  • Excellence—We settle for nothing less when caring for your pet.
  • Compassion—Empathy and understanding for our clients and their pets.
  • Dedication—A deep respect of the human-animal bond shapes all of our interactions and services.
  • Integrity—We are always guided by the best interest of our patients and their people.
  • Teamwork—Without teamwork and effective communication, we would not be able to provide the best possible veterinary care. Respect and courtesy create a harmonious and productive environment.
  • Education—We stay on the cutting edge of veterinary science and consistently engage in professional development to benefit our community.

We hope you’ll take some more time to learn more About Us. Please call when you’re ready to make an appointment.