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The More We Know

Depending on a pet’s appearance or behavior, we may recommend various diagnostics to either diagnose medical conditions or identify disease. Since many health problems don’t cause noticeable symptoms at first, veterinary diagnostics help us detect disease long before an illness progresses and becomes harder to treat.

At Animal Ark of Arcadia, we are fully equipped with non-invasive diagnostic tools that help us better understand a pet’s health condition. Radiographs (digital X-rays) and ultrasounds provide essential views of what’s happening beneath the surface and a clear picture of a pet’s health in real-time. As a result, we can create effective treatment plans and achieve better outcomes.


Radiographs provide valuable information regarding internal problems, such as fractures or even bladder stones. Utilizing gamma rays to create a two-dimensional picture of an animal’s insides, digital radiographs show the size, shape, general appearance, and location of the bones and shadows of several of the internal organs.

Our staff takes every precaution to protect a pet during X-rays. Sometimes, if distressed, sedation may be required to get the right images.

Digital radiographs are generally the first stop toward the goal of diagnosing illness or injury, and sometimes it’s all we need to determine treatment. In response to X-ray results, we may need to pivot towards another veterinary diagnostic.

Veterinary Ultrasound

Ultrasound technology employs sound waves to collect additional information, and offers a complementary view to digital X-rays.

We focus a high-frequency sound beam on a specific part of the body to create an immediate image of the internal organs of the chest or abdomen. Ultrasounds not only offer incredible details of a pet’s insides, but can also help during the retrieval of tissue or fluid needed for further testing.

Ultrasounds are critical during pregnancy. We look for the size of the litter and the overall health of each puppy or kitten. As a pregnancy progresses, ultrasounds are key to the success and safety of gestation and delivery.

We also employ ultrasound to diagnose various health conditions, including growths or masses on the major organs, or to take measurements.

In-House Lab

We pride ourselves on being able to share lab results on the same day, sometimes within the same appointment. Whether we’re running tests on internal parasites in puppies or kittens, or checking for transmissible diseases like canine parvovirus, our in-house lab is designed for quick, clear results.

Yearly or bi-annual labs can help us predict or determine quality of life. From young animals to those enjoying their senior years, certain labs assist with preventive medicine. Establishing a healthy baseline early on in life can alert us to any subtle changes throughout all life stages. Early detection of age-related illness can help slow disease or stop it altogether with proactive treatment.

A complete blood count (CBC) and a test for blood chemistry (also known as blood serum tests) give us enormous insight into a pet’s health. We can assess the condition and quantity of white and red blood cells and platelets from a small blood sample. Understanding the overall health and function of the blood chemistry gives us more information about the body’s systems.

Blood tests also provide information about a pet’s glucose, electrolytes, cholesterol, proteins, and various digestive and endocrine enzymes. Since certain chemicals in the blood are directly related to the body’s organs, if levels are off in any way, we can pinpoint the location of a pet’s health problems.

Diagnostic testing is vital for long-term health, but our in-house lab is essential during a pet emergency. Being able to draw, evaluate, and analyze specimens (including blood, fecal matter, and urine) on the premises leads to quick medical diagnosis and treatment. Results are required prior to emergency surgery or life-saving medication.

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Certain labs or tests may be required at or following a pet’s routine wellness exam. However, if you think your pet would benefit from rapid diagnostic testing, please give us a call at (863) 494–2101.

We are always here for you and your pet at Animal Ark of Arcadia.