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Animal Ark of Arcadia Animal Ark of Arcadia

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109 S Desoto Ave, Arcadia, FL

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Top-Notch Bathing and Boarding Services For All Our Animal Friends

A hound dog being bathed

Not Just For Looks!

Whether it's their overall appearance or a smell that gets worse by the day, all pets benefit from regular care of and attention to their coat and skin. Not only does this freshen up their "signature" look and scent, but keeping them clean and tidy positively impacts their general well-being, too.

Our staff at Animal Ark of Arcadia knows exactly how challenging this experience can be without adequate equipment, gear, and supplies. It’s not uncommon for pets to resist their owner’s efforts at home. The undertaking (however well-intentioned) can present numerous challenges, not limited to the risks to your safety and sanity.

Schedule a Pet Bath Today

We love to bathe the pets of Arcadia, Florida. We welcome both cats (yes, cats!) and dogs. We recommend these services to all of our current clients, and also welcome guests that are not current patients at Animal Ark of Arcadia.

The Professional Touch

Your pet will always receive the focused attention of our professional team. We know all the in's and out's of effective, efficient bathing. Stress reduction is key to the process, and our methods promote safety, health, and comfort.

Pets are pampered while they’re with us. When you come to pick them up, your pet will look–and smell–amazing. Their fur coat will be clean, shiny, and smooth as silk.

A poodle being combed out

Special Services

In addition to a soothing bath, you can add nail trims, ear cleaning, and anal gland expressions to your pet’s service.

We are happy to discuss our bathing services with you to determine the best options for your pet’s needs. We are open every day and can help you schedule an appointment at (863) 494–2101.

Boarding at Animal Ark of Arcadia

Whether you’re leaving town, hosting a big party, or completing a remodel, we welcome boarding reservations for both cats and dogs. While nothing beats the comforts of home, it can be incredibly relieving to know that your pet is getting quality care in our safe, comfortable boarding facility.

The Value of Pet Boarding

Dogs and cats are separated from each other in order to maximize our safety and comfort features. Feline and canine guests are in a separate building from our main hospital, but if they ever need medical attention during their stay, they are in the best possible location. For pets with certain health conditions or special needs, the proximity to our veterinarians is an added bonus.

Dogs enjoy outdoor play time several times a day in our specially designed run. Shaded from the sun, they can frolic and fetch on clean turf grass with a variety of toys to choose from. Our techs love this time as much as our canine guests, and work hard to burn off any excess energy that could impact their wellbeing inside their kennel.

Details to Consider

Owners can expect reasonable daily fees, weekend pick-ups, and exceptional customer service. Food is included in our rates, but if your pet is on a prescription diet, you must supply us with daily portions to last their entire stay.

Our guests must be fully vaccinated prior to their stay. We welcome add-on services, including wellness exams, bathing, nail trims, and ear cleaning. Should your pet require the administration of certain medications while with us, we ask that you provide us with the necessary doses at check-in.

Book Your Pet’s Services Today!

We can’t wait to help you! Please call us at (863) 494–2101 with any questions about our bathing and boarding services. Our qualified, friendly staff members are always happy to schedule your pet for appointments or accommodations at Animal Ark of Arcadia.